Custodians on Parade II

July 28th, 2003 | Tags:

A few weeks ago I talked about the move of the custodial staff to second shift (and the prediction that it wouldn’t take long to return to first shift with their vacuums blazing). Well, the vacuum cleaners are back. (Not all of them, but the large vaccuum cleaners are once again roaming the halls. I was almost taken out by one of these three foot wide monstrosities with batteries that seem to roam the halls at will.

In another instance of stupidity, the powers that be decided to do a little extra road work on the parking lots (or car parks) last Thursday. I say extra, because they already had the main road into the plant closed. To get to the parking lot near the front gate you had to drive all the way around the plant to end up back where you were. So along this detour road they decided to upgrade the paving. During lunch. The only other road into the plant. Since they neglected to post guards at either end I sat for a few minutes on the way out of the plant face to face with another car in the one remaining lane.

I have no idea why they decided to do this on a Thursday. Perhaps it could have waited until Saturday. Or today (Monday) even, since the main road is open again. I guess this explains why I will not be in management anytime soon. I’m entirely too logical.

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