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I have been pleasantly surprised with the [Snow Leopard][1]—most things seem to just work including [Dockless][2] and [Internet Explorer][3] (what hasn’t been updated in over six years!). [1]: [2]: [3]:

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I had always been throughly confused as when to use `i.e.` and when to use `e.g.`—until I read [this article][1]: * `i.e.` means “this one” * `e.g.` means “for example” And `etc.` is never appropriate to use with either one. [1]:

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I thought that in 2008 we were past [this crap][1]: > Some web browsers are unable to display all site information correctly. This is most common on our site for MAC users that are using Internet Explorer as their browser. Our site is designed to work best on a Windows operating system, with Internet Explorer […]

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