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Question: If you could have one thing “like it used to be”, what would it be? Back before kids, when my wife worked outside the house, it was nice to be able to come home early on a Friday and work alone to catch-up on projects. Since they are always at home, its not as […]

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After over a three year hiatus since the last question, YouMoo! is back… Question: When you make the bed, does the top sheet go fished side up or fished side down? Yeah, I realize that it doesn’t matter that much, but the last time I was changing the sheets, I couldn’t realize decide. There are […]

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Question: Kasia is asking whether TrackBacks are dead or not, so I’m asking you too: are they? Since I only know of one package that integrates them, probably. Maybe they should have come up with a better name for them. One that better explains what they are and why you would want them. I don’t […]

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Question: Have you ever beta tested any software (in an official capacity, not by warezing an early build of Photoshop 17 or something)? Yes, I’ve beta tested quite a few different pieces of software: Quicken for two years (Trinity and Dakota). I was even named one of the top beta testers, receiving an Amazon gift […]

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Question: Do you think quitting school (college) is a “good thing?” As a holder of three different degrees (BS,MEng, MBA) I think that Wil in the original article is right: if you want to be like him then there is no reason for you to be in college. College will train you for a completely […]

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