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**Question: If you could have one thing “like it used to be”, what would it be?** Back before kids, when my wife worked outside the house, it was nice to be able to come home early on a Friday and work alone to catch-up on projects. Since they are always at home, its not as […]

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After over a three year hiatus since the last question, [YouMoo!][1] is back… **Question:** When you make the bed, does the top sheet go fished side up or fished side down? Yeah, I realize that it doesn’t matter that much, but the last time I was changing the sheets, I couldn’t realize decide. There are […]

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**[Question]( Kasia is asking whether TrackBacks are dead or not, so I’m asking you too: are they?** Since I only know of one package that integrates them, probably. Maybe they should have come up with a better name for them. One that better explains what they are and why you would want them. I don’t […]

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**[Question]( Have you ever beta tested any software (in an official capacity, not by warezing an early build of Photoshop 17 or something)?** Yes, I’ve beta tested quite a few different pieces of software: * [Quicken]( for two years (Trinity and Dakota). I was even named one of the top beta testers, receiving an [Amazon]( […]

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[Question][1]: Do you think [quitting school][2] (college) is a “good thing?” [1]: [2]: As a holder of three different degrees ([BS][],[MEng][], [MBA][]) I think that Wil in the original article is right: if you want to be like him then there is no reason for you to be in college. College will train […]

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