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With all of the hubub about when life begins (at conception or birth), I was shocked to read the information supplied to me by MetLife about when life begins. (Regardless of what financial planners might say, I pay ~$16 per year for life insurance on my kids, in case something horrible happens. Trying to figure […]

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Here is a three question quiz to see if you’ve got what it takes to be my former insurance agent. **Trick Question 1 – A Word Problem** Randy has five insurance policies. Randy informs his insurance agent that he will not be renewing his policies when they expire. How many policies should the insurance agent […]

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When I got all of the [new policy paperwork]( a week ago, it was because I am changing insurance carriers. The policies and endorsements are nothing compared with the company I am leaving, however. On Saturday, I got one letter, with a check for a partial refund of my home-owners premium. Today, I got *five* […]

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With all of the computer technology today, I do not understand why the insurance policy I just got in the mail is made up of a main policy and then a number of endorsements. Since these endorsements are effectively just point out the differences between what was and what is, why not apply them to […]

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