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I keep reading in the news that Yahoo! is continuing to lose ground to Google. I can understand why. Today when my wife called to find showtimes for a theater, I remembered that Yahoo! Movies always used to have good information. So I filtered on her location, by the movie she wanted to see, and […]

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I’m starting to think that Google can read my mind. I told it I wanted to search for “hoem epot” and it figured out what I actually meant and made the link I actually wanted the first one one the page. How much better can you get? Of course, along this same lines, if you […]

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In research for another blog entry I did some “research” on Google and did a search for ampersand (the single character). I found the top 5 results amusing: Barnes & AT_&_T: The World’s Networking Company Food and Drug Administration Home Page United States Patent and Trademark Office Home Page MapQuest: Home Which one of […]

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