Update: July 30th, 2008

LuckyCharmer occasionally posts on [SharkTank](, but only in the form of a Limerick. He sat down to answer these questions, but thought his standard communications method just might miss the point.

### Q: Who is your biggest supporter?
[JIM’s Creator][3] has posted the most favorable comments about my work.

### Q: What SharkTank personality do you most want to meet?
I would like to know the identity of the Mad Hatter, only to find out if we went to school together. (We both went to the same school.)

### Q: Who hates you most?
The first user to [post a complaint][1] was kdub, and he just complained about meter. Luckily [Jim][2] came out in support. Between the haters and the supporters, most of the comments come out with a slightly positive rating. Then Nasty [had this to say][4]:

> In order to get limericks to rhyme
> The wording gets awkward some times,
> If you’re having these problems
> The best way to solve them
> Is give up and quit wasting my time.

I think it is hilarious.

### Q: What do you have to say to all the haters?
Finally, it is just about time
For someone to complain about rhyme
You think this is easy?
You try being breezy
And summarize Tank stories sublime


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