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If you’re having trouble stemming the flow of junk mail into your life, [Catalog Choice]( may be able to help. I’ve been putting information on unwanted catalogs on the site for several years and can say that we definitely get far fewer than we used to. Check them out and you might find that you […]

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Since I tend to go through a heck of a lot of papers at work (and my default mode is to trash them when I no longer think I need them), I have been very grateful for the circular file concept. I never throw papers away immediately. I drop the papers I think I no […]

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When I hear about all of the problems that people usually have with the dryer eating socks, and trying to match them after they are washed, and having a drawerful of singles, I usually have to laugh. I came up with a system that takes care of all of the issues. I have two kinds […]

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