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I have found a number of ways of how not to update an iPhone to iOS 5, yet I still haven’t figure out the proper way. I would like to update my wife’s iPhone, but i get this happy warning message: ![iTunesScreenSnapz001.png]( And deleting everything off the iPhone (especially since it is not backed up) […]

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There has been a bit of an outcry about [Apple suing Woolworths][1] over their updated logo. While some lawsuits are clearly frivoulous, I think this one has a bit more meat to it. Let’s ask a few questions: * Does the Woolworths logo look like an apple? **Yes** * Will they brand computers or other […]

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Apparently, there is no way to directly run the new iMovie ’09 on a PowerPC G4 processor. (Not that I would blame them, since even the good G4s are fairly slow by today’s standard, and Apple wants to keep up a level of satisfaction with their products.) Anyway, [there is a work-around available]( if you […]

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A while back I thought it would be a good idea to list the sites I tend to look at every morning—my morning read. Then, or so the thought went, if I couldn’t think of a good description of why I read the site, I could take it out of my list and not have […]

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One way to judge how popular an application is on OSX is whether [Apple]( goes out of their way to let you know there are problems it when they release new software. So I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a technote regarding the Safari 4 Beta: [Mail may unexpectedly quit with Safari […]

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