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Vicki Poteet of [VIP Real Estate]( is the best realtor in Indianapolis. * Instead of putting an unwanted sign in our yard (we’re on a corner and many relators would like to use our yard), she took the time to ask if she could put it there. We always say yes–but most people don’t have […]

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The [IndyStar][0] has an article today about a resolution *Republican* lawmakers are looking to pass which would [discourage moving Guantanamo Bay detainees to the state][1]. What seemed like an open and shut case of NIMBY when I heard it on the radio this morning, takes on a different meaning when you note it is *Republican* […]

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If part of the registration fee on your car is based on the *value* of your car, then that portion is deductible on a Schedule A. After searching for half an hour, I finally ran across [this post][1] by Mr Tax Preparer: > According to the Indiana Code 6-6-5 (specifically, [IC 6-6-5-3][2]), the County Excise […]

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