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Now that it is up to version 3.0, I thought I might give [MarsEdit]( another try. The goal is less to know if the application is any good, but more to figure out if I can adjust my workflow to fit it. (Some would argue that based on the lack of posts, there is a […]

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One of the features that I miss from my time with [MovableType][1] is the “Today” button next to the date editor on the publishing screen. I want a way to be able to change the date that it is suggesting to right now. [1]:

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One of the most annoying things about the [Wordpress Plugin Directory][1] is being able to find what you are looking for by searching. The search has never turned up anything useful. Or it might, but it is buried in the noise. I’ve been looking for a while for a plugin that will do a better […]

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The release notes for [Wordpress 2.6.3][1] indicate just two files changed, but the svn update shows a different story: [grant]$ cd wordpress-install/ [grant]$ svn sw U wp-includes/class-snoopy.php U wp-includes/version.php U wp-admin/includes/media.php Updated to revision 9318. [grant]$ This is not good as the release notes indicate an incorrect procedure for update–leading to the possibility of […]

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Regarding the WordPress login cookies, I [agree with Mike][1]. If I don’t log in for a while, then feel free to sign me out. Just don’t make me log in what seems like every other day. To fix it in version 2.6.1, search `wp-includes\pluggable.php` for $expiration = $expire = time() + 1209600; and adjust the […]

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Through a few hours of work this weekend, I transferred the site to [WordPress][] from [MovableType][]. It’s not perfect (not that it was before I started the transformation), but hopefully it will be better. Good Points: * Integration with [TextMate][] blogging bundle (since I could not make the * Initial install (and upgrades) are supported […]

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