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I knew when I created the original script, there would be times when I needed to see the raw output (rather than just the count). This turned out to be every time the count turned out to be a number I didn’t expect. So I updated the script to v1.1 and added a “Show Details…” […]

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When downloading TV episodes and the subtitle files that go with them, it is useful to know if all of the filenames match (with the exception of the extension, of course). This script does just that: tell application “Finder” set cmd to “ls ” & (quoted form of (POSIX path of (insertion location as string))) […]

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Between using [Handbrake]( on Windows and on OSX, I have found the UI differences to be maddening. (For the most part, I like the OSX GUI better, except when it comes to extracting more than four audio tracks and when it comes to importing chapter titles.) To (sort of) automate the process of importing chapter […]

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A while back I thought it would be a good idea to list the sites I tend to look at every morning—my morning read. Then, or so the thought went, if I couldn’t think of a good description of why I read the site, I could take it out of my list and not have […]

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I use [Rename Files][3] to keep files renamed and [Organize Files][4] to keep everything the way I want it to be. Mac only, they are available right from iTunes and do the job quick. They allow you to rename and organize files based on any of the ID3 tag data items, including some basic if-then […]

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