Update: December 15th, 2008

To send randy an email, use any name at the domain name–it will get to me.

### Online Profiles
My profiles at [][1] and [][2] are long past their prime and have always got on my nerves. I’ve been a member pretty much since both sites started and have gotten a grand total of zero value out of them. Hopefully, by linking, I can drive some more traffic back this way.

I try to be a bit more active with [Facebook][3], [MySpace][4], and [LinkedIn][5], but those are also hit and miss.


### Home Pages
Before settling on [this home][6], I had a few other homepages scatted about. These are the ones I can remember.

* [][2]

I also had one at GeoCities (back when it was new and cool). Damn, that was a long time ago.


### Email

All of my primary email addresses started out with the college domain:

* `rjmillz1 [at]`
* `rjmill01 [at]`
* `rjmill01 [at]`
* `randy [at]`
* `rjmill01 [at]`

Until I decided I didn’t to change any more and switched to ``, which lasted up until they decided to start charging for email and I got my own domain. Other address I have used as backups include

* `DeltaTee [at]` (current)
* `DeltaTee [at]` (current)
* `DeltaTee [at]`

### Online Identities

Usually I post online as “DeltaTee” or “DeltaTee97”.

I also post as a few characters on some online sites:

* [LuckyCharmer](

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