Update: December 15th, 2008

To send randy an email, use any name at the domain name–it will get to me.

Online Profiles

My profiles at and are long past their prime and have always got on my nerves. I’ve been a member pretty much since both sites started and have gotten a grand total of zero value out of them. Hopefully, by linking, I can drive some more traffic back this way.

I try to be a bit more active with Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn, but those are also hit and miss.

Home Pages

Before settling on this home, I had a few other homepages scatted about. These are the ones I can remember.

I also had one at GeoCities (back when it was new and cool). Damn, that was a long time ago.


All of my primary email addresses started out with the college domain:

  • rjmillz1 [at]
  • rjmill01 [at]
  • rjmill01 [at]
  • randy [at]
  • rjmill01 [at]

Until I decided I didn’t to change any more and switched to, which lasted up until they decided to start charging for email and I got my own domain. Other address I have used as backups include

  • DeltaTee [at] (current)
  • DeltaTee [at] (current)
  • DeltaTee [at]

Online Identities

Usually I post online as “DeltaTee” or “DeltaTee97”.

I also post as a few characters on some online sites:

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