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Is Quicken Essentials 2010 better than Quicken 2007 for Mac? Probably. Will I switch to Quicken Essentials 2010? No way in hell. Let’s look at a couple of questions they left off [the FAQ][1]. **Can I still track my investments?** No **Not even my 401k?** Nope. **Can I export my data as with previous versions?** […]

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[Greg]( says he heard that [Quicken for Mac has been delay again]( I forgot they were even working on a new version. I guess it’s good to know that they will eventually come back with something new, as opposed to the big bag o’ crap that they had been repackaging year after year. New doesn’t […]

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I have hated [Quicken]( for a long time. (In fact, my [third post here][1], was a rant about the 2004 version beta test ending before any real changes had been made or bugs reported being fixed. And that was the second beta test cycle I had been a part of.) The Mac version of Quicken […]

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Since both me and my wife use Quicken, I’ve put the data file out on a network drive so that we both can access it. I’ve had decent luck (though it is dog slow) accessing the file using CIFS (SMB), but cannot access it on the same server using AFP (Apple Filing Protocol, or AppleShare). […]

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**[Question]( Have you ever beta tested any software (in an official capacity, not by warezing an early build of Photoshop 17 or something)?** Yes, I’ve beta tested quite a few different pieces of software: * [Quicken]( for two years (Trinity and Dakota). I was even named one of the top beta testers, receiving an [Amazon]( […]

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Two years ago I was a beta tester for Quicken 2004 (code-named Dakota). That was the second year I was a beta tester, and they haven’t asked me back since. Perhaps it was because I reported the same bugs the second year as the first. Perhaps it was because I [wasn’t enamored][2] with their product. […]

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I got an email that the Quicken beta test will be ending at the end of the month after 2 cycles. Unfortunately this seems to be a pattern of lack of testing of that software.

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Since I don’t think I am at liberty to say what new features are coming up in [Quicken][1] 2004 (I am a beta tester), I will just leave the same testimonial I left at the site: “Quicken should be required for all computers, but I can find no compelling reason for any user to upgrade […]

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