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I got an email from [Family Link]( the other day which gave some possible relations that I haven’t marked yet. The guy in blue looks a bit familiar, but I just can’t place where I might know him from. ![](

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[A Plaid Strategy Guide for Las Vegas Slots on Facebook]( has once again been updated. After laughing at me for the first six levels, Monica was kind enough to do the math and fill out the table for Level 8. If you’re playing [Las Vegas Slots]( on Facebook, this guide will help you level up […]

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To the two or so people who read [A Plaid Strategy Guide for Las Vegas Slots on Facebook][1], I updated it today with levels 5 and 6. [1]:

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Though most of the game play in [Lucky Slots][1] on [Facebook][2] is luck, there is a modicum of skill involved in making sure that your [Daily Credit Bonus][3] goes up as quickly as possible. To do this you should always get friends to send you the gift prizes for a level and play each slot […]

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