Vanity License Plates

January 23rd, 2004 | Tags:

Someplace or another it has been said that New Hampshire is the vanity license plates capital or the world. It does seem like a great deal of people have them. Or perhaps we just always have an extra $25 burning a hole in our pockets when it comes time to renew. I know I couldn’t do without my “SUBMRNE” license plate on the back of my bright yellow [Ford Escape][1].


As I was driving home today there was a snob in the right hand lane. Why else would be be driving a Saab with a license plate reading “SNAAB”? Probably not as stuck up though as the car that I highly doubt belonged to Wayne Gretsky with “GR8-ONE” on the bumper. I would have been able to read “TAILG8R” if they would have moved back a little bit. Or perhaps they just like going out to football games.

One of the best license plates I’ve seen recently was on a minivan coming out of Wal-Mart, by someone who seems to have had a bit too much of children and their videos: “TI2GRR”. If you don’t get it, leave a comment and I’ll post the answer.

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