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January 10th, 2004 | Tags:

I got my bill from [Verizon][main] for local phone service in the mail today and it included a flyer regarding the new [Verizon Freedom][freedom] package. It includes a number to call, unfortunately the wrong number. The operators are apparently employees of [Verizon][main], but cannot give me any information on the package being advertised. Hat’s off to the one that designed this campaign.

It should also be noted that the [Verizon][main] web page doesn’t offer much more help either. I eventually went to their [Contact Us][contact] page, which asked me for my 12 digit account number. Since I couldn’t find my 12 digit account number on my bill, I clicked on the [help link][bill] that was provided. It was a little less than helpful. Can you pick out the 12 digits that I am supposed to use?


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