Along the Road

February 15th, 2004 | Tags:

As I was driving to work the other morning there were interesting license plates a-plenty. Like the lady with “MOODSWG” on the back of her SUV. Perhaps “PMSING” was already taken. “NYLEFTY” reminded me of the [Elbonians][1] currently engaged in a brutal civil war–right against left. And perhaps I have reading too much [Slashdot][2] recently, because I dropped one of the R’s when reading the license plate “PRO-RN” and certainly didn’t think of nurses in a hospital setting.


Also while driving to work (on the main thoroughfare through Burlington, MA) I realized why driving in Massachusetts can be so confusing: at one point the road is known as Interstate-95 South, State Road 128 South, and US Route 3 North. If following one road will take me both North and South at the same time, I think I need to go back to geography.

It should also be noted that if you are driving to work and the road ends with men in uniform holding automatic weapons, it is a good idea to turn around before you get too close. (And hope that they think you were just lost and don’t decide to start shooting.)

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