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March 26th, 2004 | Tags:

I am currently starting to look for links which I hope can explain the methods behind the madness which New Hampshire residents drive. As an example: I can only assume that the intersection leaving my apartment complex is different than every other one in that the left turn has right of way over the right hand turn. I’ve almost been hit and had driver roll down their windows to yell at me after I made a right turn on a green light. Amazing.

Some license plates are simple, like “BIKING”, “HYPHEN” and “SPANKI”. Others are complex, like “DPCDIVER” (Deep Sea Diver), “G8TRB8” (Gator Bait), and “-IAMME-“. And some I just don’t get, but look like they belonged on the great game show [Bumper Stumpers][1]. If you know what these mean, please let me know: “STRFRE”, “CUTIGR”, “BULLYCL”, “MDCRAB”, “ELUNICO”

[1]: http://www.xanfan.com/bumperstumpers/

The rest are just cool so I have to talk about them. Like “FA-18” which flew by me on Route 3 one day. My bosses boss has the plate “MAUS” (Mouse), which was has been his nickname for a long time and has nothing to do with the books of the same name. My wife saw a new car with the license plate “HOOPTIE” which was apparently trying to live up to it’s name as it was barely attached to the bumper. I also saw “ILVPGS” which was fine. I just hope the next wooly I see doesn’t have one saying “ILVSHEP”.

Apparently it has to do with delayed signals. (Many of the street lights here are on a delayed signal so that you can turn left because the oncoming traffic has a red light…there’s just no real way to tell.

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