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April 28th, 2004 | Tags:

Compared to last years power duo of [Kimberly Locke][locke] and [Clay Aiken][clay], this years version of [American Idol][idol] has been a snoozefest. [Diana DeGarmo][degarmo] (the only person left from whom I _might_ buy music) started out nearly the bottom of my favorites list. Who else am I supposed to like? [Mantasia][mantasia]? The only album from this year I am really looking forward to is [Amy Adams’][amy] country debut (including Sin Wagon).


According to the totals given on tonight’s show (where [John Stevens][john] failed to make it to the round of five), there were twenty eight million votes cast, four million of which were cast for the “loser” John. Given the greatest possible separation of 5th and 6th places (which requires the top 5 in a dead heat), John has 14.2% while 1st through 5th place get 17.1%. Given the polling methods employed, I would guess it is nearly a dead heat. And this is with the greatest possible separation.


And speaking of math: many people decried last weeks Idol show as racist because all three contestants in the bottom three were black. Face the facts: only half of the finalists were caucasian, four of the first five contestants voted off were caucasian leaving only two out of the seven remaining contestants caucasian. What is racist about this again?

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