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The estimates for the disruption to the city of Boston during the Democratic National Convention have just been updated again:
* A small road called the “Central Artery” can’t be all that important, and will be shut down at 4pm each evening, about an hour into rush hour and three hours before the convention is to start.
* The train/subway station that services the city for all points north of the city isn’t really that important either and will also be closed for the duration of the time the convention is in town.

Many of the larger businesses (including those in Boston and with employees in Boston) are already looking at contingency plans for this week in July–including forcing employees to take vacation because they won’t be able to get to work. If these people are willing to do this to the biggest city in their candidates home state, how bad will he be willing to screw over the country for his personal reasons once (and if) he gets into office.

Remeber, this is a democratic country. Email Boston Mayor [Tom Menino][1] and tell him what you think.

If you think the demands on the city are unreasonable and that the [Democratic National Convention in Boston][2] should be canceled, send your message for them though him: Tell the DNC to FUCK OFF and go find another city to shut down for a week…Boston sure as hell doesn’t need it.

[1]: mailto:Mayor@ci.boston.ma.us
[2]: http://www.boston04.com/

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