Who Picks Up the Pieces?

June 17th, 2004 | Tags:

According to their radio commercial: [Brink’s Document Destruction][1] can destroy in 15 minutes what it would take your employees days to shred. Could [Enron][2] have competed with them?

[1]: http://www.brinksinc.com/documentdestruction.html
[2]: http://www.enron.com/

The hardest part is shredding the documents is actually deciding what to shred, not how to operate the machinery. What idiot couldn’t figure out how to operate one? And more important than that are the legal questiosn that Brinks needs to be able to answer:
* Who owns the documents that have been deposited? (ie, when can the company consider them destroyed?)
* Could the they be subpoenaed? Without shreeding first?
* What happens to the waste? Is the final step to make the destruction total?
* What if useful information is later extracted from the “destroyed” documents? Who is responsible?

I am sure that the answers to all of these questions are covered in the fine print. Somewhere. And probably not to the satisfaction of the small businesses purchasing their services.

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