Dumb and Dumber: Not Just a Movie Anymore

August 30th, 2004 | Tags:

On the radio this evening, the talk show host was bemoaning the fact that the evening news shows maps of the United States and colors each state blue or red, depending on how that state (as a whole) is projected to vote. His point was that there are many areas in larger states that don’t vote with the “majority”. While I agree with the concept, I think that he really misses the main takeaway points:

* Every state is either a blue or red. There is no in between, nor is there a green for a viable third party candidate. (I think that corporate america and all of their lobbyists like it this way…there are only two sides to be bought instead of three or more.)
* The main stream media does not think that the average american is intelligent enough to comprehend a chart that shows data in something other than black and white, even if the chart ends up having absolutely no meaning. (Imagine a chart in which each state was shaded by a red, green, and blue percentage based on the vote in that state.)
* The main stream media is right. The people just want to know that their guy is ahead.

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