Case of the Stupids

September 20th, 2004 | Tags:

While driving home last Friday it seems that everyone had come down with “A Case of the Stupids”:
1. A car that had slowed down and gotten in the exit lane suddenly decided that it was the wrong exit and swerved back into the driving lane. Without checking to make sure that I wasn’t already occupying that lane.
2. A truck was pulling a trailer with some one-by steel box section in the back. Which had not been tied down. And had shifted to pointing at the back corners of the trailer. Both of them. So this trailer is now two lanes wide and taking space in three, ready to impale passers by like a javelin.
3. A car decides that traffic is not moving fast enough and decides to pass everyone in the breakdown lane / emergency lane / part of the road you’re not supposed to be driving on.

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