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A while back a friend wrote a poignant piece on what Danger is:

> Some say that danger lies in unknown situations and unpredictable circumstances. I say danger, true danger, lies in knowing exactly what is ahead, yet walking into the fray anyway. To have so much disregard for one’s own intuition is to be guilty of a horrible crime. How many times must the mistake be made before the maker realizes the futility of the action? Where is the sanity in repeating stupidity? Are we not evolved beings well beyond animal lack of control? Some would say yes. I offer myself as proof to the contrary. I am constantly in danger and although I always see the outcome of my mistakes I blindly repeat them. Over and over, until one day they will lock me up and put a sign on my cage that says “she spit on her intuition and ran headlong into danger.”

I can’t remember if the piece was written specifically for me or not. It might not even be a good idea to remember.

Too dangerous.

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