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January 26th, 2005 | Tags:

Greg ([For the H*ll of It][1]) quotes a news story about [remote order taking][2] (which is quite a bit different from Burger King’s [Subservient Chicken][3]:

> Remote order-taking at drive-throughs, the latest trend in restaurant technology, is part of a broader effort by the industry to migrate some communication duties from in-store workers to off-site proxies. McDonald’s and Pizza Hut are testing it, and Chuck E. Cheese’s franchises use a central call center to book reservations and parties.

Unlike him, I think this is a stellar idea. Perhaps if you make it someone’s only job to pay attention to what you say, they might actually be able to do it. And maybe (if the jobs are transferred offshore), the order takers will be able to speak English. Due to service at the local Dunkin’ Donuts, I am thinking of learning a second language… I just need to learn what it is that they speak (cause I know it isn’t English).
* I was asked if I wanted a cough.
* I couldn’t understand *any* of the bagel flavors that were read off. (They don’t put them on the menu for some reason.)
* I was unable to have them understand the phrase “cut in half” without a chopping hand gesture.

At least I don’t try to order two things at once there.


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