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February 19th, 2005 | Tags:

For the past couple of years I have been submitting an abstract to try to get published at a company wide conference for systems engineers and software engineers. For the past two years I have gotten back a “thanks, but no thanks” letter from them. Apparently I am just unsure of what they are looking for so I sent them an email asking where I went wrong:

> Is it possible to find out the scorign for abstracts submitted last year and the cutoff? The only feedback for the time spent was “NO”.

It’s not like the writing of the paper or abstract is actually a part of my job (like it is for many of the presenters) and it was frustratign to spend weekends on trying to write an abstract for work, only to have it turned down. At least the reply that came back was entertaining:

> Sorry No.††Accept or Not Accepted is the only information we provide for
> obvious reasons.††Suggest you pick an advisor and get their feedback on any
> abstract.††The selection process involves many opinions and like everything
> else; they can vary widely.††Look at the suggestions for maybe improving
> your abstract for selection on the submittal site.

I still haven’t found anyone who can tell me the obvious reasons. Perhaps if I knew then I could submit a better abstract the next time (and that would be bad). Or perhaps he can’t say because there is no criteria and the abstracts are selected by cronyism and the about on buzzwords per square inch.

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