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March 22nd, 2005 | Tags:

With my picks for [American Idle][A] this year, I am actually getting them out before everyone that I like gets voted off.


Artists that I wouldn’t mind seeing win:
* [Anthony Federov][1] – A euro-pop sensation
* [Carrie Underwood][2] – Country Superstar
* [Anwar Robinson][] – Like Milli, but with talent
* [Nadia Turner][] – The black Q-Tip (cut into a full height mohawk tonight)

Artists that I really don’t like that much (in no particular order):
* [Scott Savol][3] – The wanna-be blackest contest left.
* [Bo Bice][4]
* [Nikko Smith][5] – [Urkel][] Jr.
* [Vonzell Solomon][6]
* [Constantine Maroulis][7]
* [Mikalah Gordon][] – Funny she, doesn’t look druish.
* [Lindsey Cardinale][] – Didn’t like her, already gone.
* [Jessica Sierra][] – Yeah, it’s kind of like that.

And if I don’t say anythign useful, check out [Survivor Sucks][].

[Survivor Sucks]:


[Anwar Robinson]:
[Mikalah Gordon]:
[Nadia Turner]:
[Lindsey Cardinale]:
[Jessica Sierra]:


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