The News is For Whiners

March 14th, 2005 | Tags:

I realized last night that there is a good reason I stopped watching the nightly “news”. It’s no longer about what important happenings are in the area, but rather how horrible life is for people since someone is out to get them. The three stories that I remember from last night:

Three seniors are complaining that thye are being forced to move out of their homes after many years (55 years in the case of the woman shown). She had raised a large family, but has lived alone since she was widowed 10 years ago.
* She is being moved out of a *three* bedroom townhouse and been offered space in a one bedroom apartment in a highrise.
* The townhouse is subsidised public housing.
* There are many young families on a waiting list to get into town houses like this.

Some [residents are complaining][1] about the name of the new minor league baseball team, the Worcester Tornadoes. (In the mid 20th century, tornadoes decimated a good portion of central Massachusetts.) The residents feel that the baseball team owners are making light of the tragedy and are trying to profit off the misfortune of others. Residents noted that the name of “Warriors” also finished well in the voting (and wouldn’t offend anyone still alive).


Drivers across the [Zakim Bridge][] were also complaining that snow that had stuck to the bridge supports was falling onto the road surface as the sun heated the bridge. The drivers interviewed were adamant that the city do something about this for the next time it happens. If these drivers are worried about falling snow, apparently they haven’t driven on the highway around the city where many people think that is is a great idea to not clear the snow off their car and cause white-out conditions on the roadway when is blows off as they speed down the road. (Or, more likely, the snow and ice blow off in large chunks which can completely block your windshield.)

[Zakim Bridge]:

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