License [Plate] to Drive

May 21st, 2005 | Tags:

There have been a few interesting plates out on the road lately. Like the car most likely to be owned by Homer J Simpson: MMMBEER. At least he would be one to put FAM-1ST, just like the guy married to a witch (who turned his license plate into a NEWT-). Other people try to impress with the skills that they have outside of driving, like the one who does SPR-CPR. (But since the plate was on the back of a Mini Cooper, the interpretation could be off.) Then there was the sailor +SALTY who traded his sea leg for one made of lead.

I saw CRUELA driving to work the other day. Perhaps she was on her way to deliver a SMCKDN to MS. ThiNG, driving a MuSTaNG (with the plate MSTNG). How am I to know which one she means? Perhaps “APRIL24” on a New Hampshire plate was the A/S/L of the passing lane. Or perhaps a date she just didn’t want to forget. Then there was the Jeep that would be least likely to lead an expedition: IAMLOST, followed by someone with a YNKEEStag. He must have been lost.

Then there was LKYDWG, who I assume goes to the dog track instead of working on AutoCad drawings. The person with the Honk if You FSCK bumper sticker definitely knew her way around computers though.

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