My Name Is…

May 26th, 2005 | Tags:

…not Slim Shady. Just ‘Randy’ (or ‘Randall’ for those who consider ‘Randy’ to be slang).

I have used that handle DeltaTee for probably about eight years now, and have seldom not had that user id not available. (Though it is also the name of a corporation out of Calgary.) So most anyplace you find a user named DeltaTee, is it likely to be me. (Including sites like Apple, Yahoo, MacSlash and GMail.)

The only older handle that is still in use is Beeman, and that is only used on The name comes from from the Animaniac’s character Randy Beaman, though I have just realized I misspelled the name. It was given to me by a friends then girlfriend (who then became his wife, ex-wife, and wife again).

The was probably a handle older than that, but I really don’t recall. It was around the time that Bianca‘s was new and cool. Before it was really explainable what it was. Before it tried to go commercial. Before the Wayback Machine really started archiving. Way before it degenerated in what it is today.

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