My Name Is…

May 26th, 2005 | Tags:

…not Slim Shady. Just ‘Randy’ (or ‘Randall’ for those who consider ‘Randy’ to be slang).

I have used that handle DeltaTee for probably about eight years now, and have seldom not had that user id not available. (Though it is also the name of a corporation out of Calgary.) So most anyplace you find a user named DeltaTee, is it likely to be me. (Including sites like
[MacSlash]( and

The only older handle that is still in use is [Beeman](, and that is only used on []( The name comes from from the Animaniac’s character [Randy Beaman](, though I have just realized I misspelled the name. It was given to me by a friends then girlfriend (who then became his wife, ex-wife, and wife again).

The was probably a handle older than that, but I really don’t recall. It was around the time that [Bianca](’s was new and cool. Before it was really explainable what it was. Before it tried to go commercial. Before the [Wayback Machine]( really started archiving. Way before it degenerated in what it is today.

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