iTunes: Return of the Features

September 7th, 2005 | Tags:

Buried within all of the hype of the ROKR and nano, are a couple of new features in the recently release of iTunes that are actually useful:
* Ability to show album art of the song that is now playing.
* Folders of playlist (which also act like mega-playlists).

My favorite feature in the release isn’t new though, it’s just been missing for a good long while: the search box and limiting by browsing once again can work without one clearing the other. So once you browse to get close, you can still search! Imagine that.

But, some things still aren’t right either:
* Playback is broken when syncing the iPod.
* Start playing from a play list, switch to a new location, pause the playing song, and try to continue it.
* Things are still horribly out of sync. Ie, what is a playlist. The new playlist folders act like playlists since they show up in the smart playlist drop down for “is in Playlist”. They however, aren’t real playlists since they can’t be synced to the iPod.

Hopefully the new releases will start getting leaner and cleaner and less feature laden.

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