Apple Bug Friday: Changing File Extensions

October 8th, 2005 | Tags:

If you create a filename in the Finder which has a very long extension, you will not be able to change it using the Finder. (An extension is defined by an number of characters after a period in a file name which does not include spaces.) In this case I am starting with file.with_a_very_very_long_extension_name_or_at_least_a_period and renaming it to file.txt. Upon renaming it, the error is shown:


Since the existing filename is so long and the dialog does not resize, the Use .txt button has been pushed off to the left. Adding to the misery, the standard Command-U shortcut will not operate the non-default button and you can’t use keyboard navigation (Tab-Tab-Space) to activate the button since it was not actually drawn on the dialog.

Thanks to drunkenbatman for the inspiration.

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