Inappropriate Behavior

May 11th, 2006 | Tags:

I was talking with a coworker today regarding the user interface for an application that I designed (and she is the maintainer of now):

Her : we also need to remove inappropriate messages on bad key presses.
Me : I disagree that all humor is inappropriate.
Me : But I wouldn’t fight to keep it in either
Her : not all humor is in appropriate, but where it can be seen by users and is verging on distateful, it is probably best to remove it.
Me : Seen by users is ok–it lets them know that the application isn’t written by a faceless machine
Me : Verging on distasteful is bad.
Me : But I really don’t recall what is in there
Her : the “up your arrow key too”
Me : I forgot about that.
Me : But, it makes me laugh
Her : all fine and good as utill your demoing something to a customer one day. Looks a little un-professional.
Me : Even the lowly penny has two sides.

So I went and looked at the other keys that aren’t really a part of the application:

case 28 % left arrow
  log_message( 'Why does everyone lean to the left?' );

case 29 % right arrow
  log_message('Dont do that again, that hurts.');

case 30 % up arrow
  log_message('Up your arrow key too.' );

case 31 % down arrow
  log_message('Arrow keys will injure people if you are not careful.');      

  if(length(c) ~= 0)
    if(c>31 && c
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