Installing OSX : Getting Started

June 3rd, 2006 | Tags:

Every once in a while I like to reinstall OSX to get rid of all the things that I really don’t need and clean up the computing environment. This time I started the process because my computer just wasn’t stable–it would hang and mysteriously shut itself off after a while. After a week of this, I think the problem has been solved–the fan in the power supply died, which was leading to over heating. Right now I have a extra fan I had sitting around paper clipped to the outside of the case. Assuming I can get the fan replaced, i’ll post a note about it.

Before starting this process, I used SuperDuper to create a backup image of all of the user data on a different drive. Then wiped the drive and re-installed OSX.

For user accounts, I created two different ones:

* Administrator – for doing all of the administrative tasks (and to have an admin password to type in when requested
* DeltaTee – for my daily work

A couple of years ago I thought it would be a good idea to not run as an administrator–just to see if doing so would help make the system more secure. For the most part it does work well, but there are several tradeoffs from applications that assume that they need to be installed as an administrator.

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