Another Reason Quicken Sucks

September 7th, 2006 | Tags: , ,

Since both me and my wife use Quicken, I’ve put the data file out on a network drive so that we both can access it. I’ve had decent luck (though it is dog slow) accessing the file using CIFS (SMB), but cannot access it on the same server using AFP (Apple Filing Protocol, or AppleShare). I contacted Intuit about this issue.

The first response I got back suggested that I copy the file to the Desktop before trying to open it, which just misses the point of having it on the shared drive to begin with. So I tried again, and got this response:

> When a file is transferred over a network, it is broken into small packets at the transmitting end and reassembled at the receiving end. This usually causes damage to the Quicken data file as well.
> To protect the integrity of your data, we do not recommend or support this procedure.

Apparently transferring a file over a network can cause irreparable damage. Who knew?

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