The Best Posts Never Made

December 24th, 2007 | Tags:

Occasionally I will start a post because I have an awesome title–and then never get around to finishing it. (Like the series I started on m upgrade to Mac OSX 10.4, Tiger. Would have been useful a while back, but not as much anymore as I just upgraded to Max OSX 10.5, Leopard, and never looked at any of my notes.)

So, here are the best titles that will never see the light of day (because I’m going though and canning the original entries):

* **¡Ay, ay, ay, mi telefono es de el diablo!** — On why my Samsung phone sucks. _[[I upgraded to a RAZR2 V9][1] this weekend.]_
* **It Started With a Night of Drinking** — How I started buying CDs again after visiting music sharing sites. _[Started April 22, 2004]_
* **The Song Remembers When** — How songs I hear on the radio can still take me back many years. _[Started March 21 , 2005]_
* **”Trash IN”** — A Fast Food Loyalty Program whereby you save (some) money by bringing in the trash from the last time that you were are at that restaurant. _[Presumably to help stop littering.]_


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