What Makes for a Good Blog?

August 19th, 2008 | Tags: ,

For the most part, [Merlin Mann hits it right on the head][1] with his list of what makes a good blog. Put I think he left out one of the most important points:

  1. Good blogs allow for comments. All of us are smarter than any of us. I find that much of the value I get out of web logs comes from the comments that the user base makes regarding the article. (Not the comments agreeing or refuting the main point, but the ones that add to the discussion with their own ideas of the post.)

This is not to say that all blogs get it right–some have very useful comments ([Lifehacker][2], [Slashdot][3]) while others could turn off the comments and not lose value ([TUAW][4]). Some are correct in leaving it to the author ([Daring Fireball][5]) while I really want to know the user comments on others ([43 Folders][6]).

[1]: http://www.43folders.com/2008/08/19/good-blogs
[2]: http://lifehacker.com/
[3]: http://slashdot.org/
[4]: http://www.tuaw.com/
[5]: http://daringfireball.net/
[6]: http://www.43folders.com/

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