What did you expect them to do?

October 26th, 2008 | Tags: , ,

_Response to the [Consumerist][0] post on [AIG Has Already Used Up 3/4 Of $123 Billion Bailiout][1]._

Can someone explain why this is an issue? What exactly were you expecting AIG to do with the loan? Save it for a rainy day. Its pouring buckets and if they had enough money, they wouldn’t have needed the loan to begin with.

Last week the news was reporting concern that the banks that were bailed out would just sit on the bailout money. we can’t have it both ways.

[0]: http://consumerist.com/
[1]: http://consumerist.com/5068298/aig-has-already-used-up-34-of-123-billion-bailiout

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