Citi: Select a Payment Date is Misleading

January 31st, 2009 | Tags: ,

While the [Citibank][0] Credit Card website does have a few good features (like being able to download PDFs of your statements), it does have one thing that I absolutely hate. Enough so that I complained about it to their customer service:

> The “Select a Payment Date” portion of making an online payment is misleading in the days it shows available for payment. Payments can be scheduled for after the due date with no further indication that is probably not what you want to do. The other credit cards I pay online have a selection of dates that includes only up to the actual due date–they won’t let you accidentally make a late online payment.

And I got an answer back:

> Thank you for taking time to send us your suggestions. Your comments are valuable and will help guide us as we continue to enhance our service. We have forwarded this information to the proper department for further consideration.

I’m guessing that the “further consideration” will involve how much money they are fleecing off people.


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