LifeHack: Socks

January 25th, 2009 | Tags: ,

When I hear about all of the problems that people usually have with the dryer eating socks, and trying to match them after they are washed, and having a drawerful of singles, I usually have to laugh. I came up with a system that takes care of all of the issues. I have two kinds of socks: black and white.

I have about two dozen pairs of white, Gold Toe crew socks. All of these socks match one another, and when they come out of the wash I stack them up and throw them in a drawer. If one sock gets a hole in it, it just gets tossed. When I get low, I buy more of the same brand, color and type. No matching. No singles. It just works.

Since I wear black socks most of the time, I also have about two dozen pairs of black, Gold Toe crew socks. Same procedure. Then when I get up in the morning, I pull two socks out of the drawer and am ready to go. Simple.

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