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January 29th, 2009 | Tags: ,

A couple weeks after [the previous debacle][0], I again had to make a phone call to [SHPS][1] to get my FSA straightened out. They had sent me another statement and everything that was listed as “Potentially Ineligible” before was now listed as “Ineligible”. Not much of an improvement, which led me back to where I had started:

**Me:** How will I know when my return Fax for receipt validation has been processed?

**SHPS:** You can find out by looking at your next statement. If the questionable expense is not on the statement, then you can assume your documentation has been approved.

**Me:** So how often are statements sent out?

**SHPS:** Once a quarter.

**Me:** So it takes three months for me to find out if my documentation that was due in 60 days was accepted? And then there is no confirmation, just that the information is no longer on the statement?

**SHPS:** Yes. You won’t know for sure unless you call and ask us. We have no positive feedback loop to let you know your documentation was received.

**Me:** Thanks?


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