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January 15th, 2009 | Tags: ,

When I [couldn’t get hold of SHPS][1] earlier this year, I dropped them an email on their contact form. Apparently when they say “someone will get back with your shortly”, they mean it can take almost a week (Saturday to Thursday) and they might not be able to answer your question.

**My Question:** How will I know when my return Fax for receipt validation has been processed?

**Their “Answer”:** The validation documentation was received on 1-13-2009, and should be reviewed within three to five business days from the date received.

I have just a few problems with this response.

1. They say “should be reviewed”–no promises here.
2. They don’t say how I will know when it has been reviewed.
3. They reference a document I faxed *after* I asked the question.

Even worse, if they get no response from me (or fail to review what I send), they assume that everything submitted is invalid and will send me a bill–for $1200 or so. I guess its good that I tend to keep all receipts and could actually make the fax–they waited four and a half months to tell me they needed more documentation.

At least they were able to send me a response on the hours of operation: “Our customer service telephone center _[contrary to what may be on our out of office message]_ is available from 8:00 A.M to 8:00 P.M. Monday through Friday, EST.” Maybe I can file a bug report to get the answering machine message fixed.


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