Which One Do You Think I Meant?

January 13th, 2009 | Tags: ,

My company has standardized all email on Lotus Notes–it’s a decent groupware solution, it just needs a good email client to go with it. The calendaring portion, popped up a message this morning reminding me of a meeting and provided three buttons of actions to take:

* Snooze – to remind me again in 10 minutes
* Done – to dismiss the alarm and not remind me again
* Open – to show me the meeting notice the alarm is for (so I can figure out where I need to go)

The first two work I expect. The “open” option works like an unemployed professional video game player:

* If the meeting repeats, it will pop up a list of *every* instance of the meeting, asking which one you want the information about, apparently on the odd assumption you might not want information on the meeting that this alarm is for.
* The meeting notice is opened on a new tab in the main window, which is left minimized for your convenience.
* There is no change in the alarm dialog, leading you to question if anything actually happened.

By the time Lotus Notes v15 gets here, perhaps it will “just work”.

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