A Dining Room Addition

February 16th, 2009 | Tags: ,

When we bought our house, we were told that the owner had done quite a bit of work to it and “he never did anything halfway.” Both of these statements are true. Unfortunately, he also never quite figured out exactly what he was doing. Like in the dining room.

When his family expanded, they had a need for a dining room in the house instead of just a table in the kitchen. So they knocked out the back wall of the kitchen and built a dining room on to the back of the house. As would be expected, they didn’t extend the basement under the dining room, but just added a crawl space. With no way to get into it.

There is a basement window that looks into the crawl space that could possibly be used for access, but they didn’t take the storm window off and it is screwed on from the inside. The only way that they managed to insulate the floor under the crawl space was to cut a hole in the floor, insulate most of it from below, then pull insulation up behind them. Brilliant.

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