Forwarding a Message

February 5th, 2009 | Tags: ,

Since I tend to use the mantra of trashing an email once I have dealt with it, I quite often run into needing to forward or reply to a message that I have already trashed. Most email programs handle this fairly nicely:

1. Switch to Trash folder
2. Find message
3. Click Forward (or Reply)

Apparently this is too simple for Lotus Notes, which adds a few steps into the process:

1. Switch to Trash folder
2. Find message
3. Click Restore
4. Switch back to Inbox (or other folder that the message was deleted from)
5. Find message
6. Click Forward (or Reply)

And do not, whatever you do click the “Restore All” button which is conveniently located right next to “Restore”. This has got to be an engineering added function. Who in their right mind would ever want to restore all of the messages in the trash? And even if you did, performing “Select All” and then clicking “Restore” would do this just fine. There is absolutely no reason to put a button on a toolbar whose most likely purpose is to allow the user to shoot himself in the foot. Would you put an [`rm -rf ~`] button in the toolbar of a file manager (unless you hated your users)?

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