YouMoo!: Making the Bed

February 18th, 2009 | Tags: ,

After over a three year hiatus since the last question, [YouMoo!][1] is back…

**Question:** When you make the bed, does the top sheet go fished side up or fished side down?

Yeah, I realize that it doesn’t matter that much, but the last time I was changing the sheets, I couldn’t realize decide. There are good arguments either way. If you don’t have a blanket on the bed, then it will look neater if the finished side is up. If there are blankets on the bed (but no bedspread), then it looks neater finished side down (so when the top of the sheet is turned over the top of the blankets, it will be finished side up.

Since we don’t have a comforter, I have finished side down. It sort of makes sense.


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