Customer Response Misses the Point

March 6th, 2009 | Tags: ,

After reading about the good work that [vietnam Veterans of America][1] does, I started to look into a making household goods donation. So I put all of my information in to sign up to create an account and tried to [schedule a pickup][2]. This is when I found out the VVA does not have any offices anywhere near me. So I sent a note through their contact us button:

> Is it possible to add a map of available pickup sites so that your database will not be littered with people who signed up to schedule a pick only to find out there is not an outlet in the area? Thanks

I just want to know if I will be able to use your service after I spend all of the time signing up for it. I got an e-mail back the next day:

> I am sorry we do not have donation pickup service in your zip code area.
> Please call (866) 577-8387 or (913) 342-8545 in your local state.

Yes. I already realized that. That’s why I asked a different question.


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