The Morning Read

A while back I thought it would be a good idea to list the sites I tend to look at every morning—my morning read. Then, or so the thought went, if I couldn’t think of a good description of why I read the site, I could take it out of my list and not have to worry about it. The sites aren’t out of the list (yet), but I have noted that some don’t have a good description. Maybe they will go someday.

First, I read the comics of the day for a bit of levity:

* [Questionable Content](
* [Daily Comics]( – An assortment of comics from the Houston Chronicle. I started with them back in the mid-nineties when they were about the only site that had the funny pages online.

And then take a look at some of the news and opinion out in the world:

* [Daring Fireball]( – All things macintosh and otherwise interesting
* [NSLog();](
* [Greg in the Desert]( – Since his site was named “For the H*ll of It”
* [The Unofficial Apple Weblog](
* [Consumerist](
* [LifeHacker](
* [](

And then there are the RSS feeds (courtesy of [My Yahoo!]( I keep thinking of switching to a better feed reader, but that always seems like too much work:

* [Rands in Repose]( – Thoughts on Engineering Management.
* [SharkTank]( – Funny stories of IT with a bunch of crazies posting comments.
* [HawkWings]( – A site dedicated to Mail on the mac, which unfortunately has not been publishing in quite a while.
* [43 Folders]( – All things Merlin
* [Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes]( – A reminder that I need to gte back to editing my AppleScripts. Unfortunately, they got to the point where they were “good enough” and I have mostly given up on them.
* [Mac OSX Hints]( – Full of hints that I never have the time to implement, but I still try to scan the headlines occasionally.

And, on Sunday I check out the new cards at [Post Secret](, to make me feel a little better and help me realize my life isn’t nearly as screwed up as it could be.

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