The On Time Machine

October 1st, 2009 | Tags: , ,

> Today, I was chastised by the CEO in the middle of a management meeting for showing up late to work every day, despite being in my office before 9:00am every morning. It was my 5th day on the job and no one had bothered to tell me that the office opens at 8:00am, and not 9:00am. [FML][1]


I can have a little bit of sympathy here. On my first day of my job out of college I was late to work. Apparently I was supposed to coordinate with the HR representative to let them know I was moving 1000 miles to take this job. (I figured they would know, since they hired the real estate rep and paid for a housing trip.) But I didn’t, so the day before I was supposed to start they finally over-nighted me my start-day package–to my old address. Wonderful start.

Yeah, but who doesn’t ask what time work starts on their first day??

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