Last Comic Standing

July 30th, 2003 | Tags:

I have been watching all of the [Last Comic Standing][lcs] episodes (on NBC) and have to say that the showdown at the end of the series was a big letdown from the rest. Only Ralphie May seemed to come to win. Most of the rest I would have turned off just a couple minutes into a show.


Ralphie May performed another routine that was different than the ones that he has done before. Almost completely different. Dat Phan put on the same show he put on twice before. The same type of jokes combined with the same horrible delivery. Tess just didn’t seem funny. At all. [Rich][2] and [Cory][3] both did a good job, but their performances paled in comparison. [Dave Mordal][4] should have been in the finals, but he was beaten by a [one joke racist][5].


At the current moment I am under the impression that the whole show is fixed. The only evidence I have of this is from my [TiVo][6]. It often records [Comedy Central Presents][7] and several weeks ago it recorded an episode which list Rich Vos as the comedian. He wasn’t, but I can’t imagine how his name “accidentally” got thrown in the mix if there wasn’t already a special of him made.


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